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2004 & 2006 FSCCA Champions

Welcome to Dolphin Motorsports. We specialize in two of the most exciting and affordable classes in SCCA racing: Formula 500 (F500), the best bang for the buck in formula class racing, and Formula SCCA (FSCCA), the new spec formula class that focuses on driver skill and cost containment.

Our experienced, winning team can provide you with a wide range of services, including:

“Arrive and Drive” Services

We can store, prep, and transport your own car to race events and provide full track side service and support.

Race Car Rentals & Rent-To-Own Programs

Our nationally competitive Formula SCCA and Formula 500 rental cars are available for regional, national, and pro race events as well as driver schools and test days. Multi-event discounts are also available.

Custom Services

In addition to our full-service “arrive and drive” and rental packages, we can offer any combination of our individual services, including vehicle storage, transportation, race prep, maintenance, and track side services.

For any additional info, please contact us at:

Latest News

ATTENTION: Race Cars, Toterhome, and Equipment For Sale
Dolphin Motorsports currently has several Formula 500 cars available for sale, as well as a toterhome. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

8/2008: Bob Berman Wins 5th F500 SE Division Championship
5/5/2007: Daytona Classic - 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th for Dolphin cars; New track record
1/18/2007: Formula SCCA Series expands for 2007
11/12/2006: Traffic keeps Mansur from Triple Crown
10/14/2006: McMahan charges from 12th to 1st in F500 Championship
9/28/2006: Bob Berman wins 4th National F500 SE Div SCCA Championship
9/23/2006: Mansur Notches 2nd Leg of FSCCA Championship Triple-Crown
8/6/2006: Terrick Mansur wins 2006 FSCCA Formula Car Championship

Formula SCCA Series Expands for 2007

Want to Be a Professional Race Driver?

Dolphin Motorsports can take you from novice to pro in less than 1 year for a fraction of the cost of any other series.

You go from driver’s school to the SCCA National Runoffs. Compete against the best. See if you have what it takes without spending a fortune or hunting sponsors.

Zetec, Pro Mazda, BMW, and Barber cost from $300,000 to $600,000 for a season. Dolphin Motorsports can provide the same experience for a small fraction of the cost.

Our FSCCA and F500 formula cars provide the perfect transition from karts, motorcycles, or street cars to real auto racing.

Training and coaching by national and divisional champions and complete data acquisition is included in the arrive and drive program.

Call today for more details and info on a customized schedule for 2007.

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